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1. 台北榮總圖書館實證醫學資源


2. 學習實證醫學的資源: center for evidence-based medicine


3. 網路電子書:


4. 實證醫學資料庫: Cocharne library, ACP journal club

 附檔: 實證醫學資料庫比較表 (database summary)


Textbooks (for background question)

1. MD consult:


2. Clinical Evidence, BMJ Publishing Group 出版, 六個月更新一次,提供治療和預防的實證資訊,但是缺乏診斷以及詳細的治療方法細節

3. EBM-related literature: 提供經過critical appraisal 的實證資訊,如Cochrane LibraryACP Journal Club,Evidence-Based MedicineClinical Evidence,



  1. Cochrane Controlled Trials Register (Wiley Site)
  2. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) (Wiley Site)
  3. Cochrane Library(Wiley)
  4. Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE) (Wiley Site)
  5. EBM Reviews-ACP Journal Club (HINT 1991-7/8 2003) (OVID)
  6. EBM Reviews - Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (-3rd Quarter 2003) (OVID)
  7. EBM Reviews - Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects(- 3rd Quarter 2003) (OVID)
  8. EBM Reviews - Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (-3rd Quarter 2003) (OVID)
  9. Evidence-Based On-Call Free
  10. MD Consult (Elsevier)###
  11. Medline Online (OVID)
  12. Micromedex Health Series (Thomson MICROMEDEX)
  13. Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro) (CEBP)Free
  14. PubMed (NLM) Free
  15. TripDatabase Free
  16. UpToDate

E-Book(& Guidelines)

  1. Clinical Evidence (BMJ Publishing Group)###
  2. Guide to Clinical Preventive Services(AHRQ)
  3. Users' Guides to Evidence-Based Practice (CHE)


  1. AHRQ Research Activities Online Newsletter(10/1995- AHRQ) Free
  2. Bandolier: evidence-based health care (2/1994- Bandolier) Free
  3. British Medical Journal (1994- 部分全文BMJ) Partly Free
  4. Effective Health Care Bulletins (1995-2004 CRD) Free
  5. Effectiveness Matters (1995-2002 CRD) Free
  6. Evidence-based Cardiovascular Medicine(1999- SDOS)
  7. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2004- Oxford University Press) Free
  8. Evidence-based Eye Care(2001- LWW OVID)
  9. Evidence-based Gastroenterology(2001- LWW OVID)
  10. Evidence-based Healthcare(9/1999-8/2004 SDOS)
  11. Evidence Based Health Care Newsletter(
  12. Evidence-Based Healthcare and Public Health(10/2004- SDOS)
  13. Evidence-Based Medicine (部分全文 BMJ) Partly Free
  14. Evidence-Based Mental Health (部分全文 BMJ) Partly Free
  15. Evidence-Based Nursing(部分全文 BMJ) Partly Free
  16. Evidence-based Obstetrics Gynecology(3/1999- SDOS)
  17. Evidence-based Oncology(6/2000-12/2002 SDOS)
  18. JAMA  Journals@OVID Site(1993-July 2004) AMA Site(1966~ ) Partly Free
  19. Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice (Jun. 2003~ SDOS)
  20. Journal of Family Practice(1999- Dowden Health Media, Inc)

Evidence Based Center


  1. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Health Insurance (EPC Program notice)
  2. Canadian Centre for Health Evidence (
  3. Centre for Evidence-Based Child Health(CEBCH)
  4. Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry
  5. Center for Evidence-Based Medicine-Canada, Toronto (CEBM-Canada)
  6. Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine-UK, Oxford (CEBM-UK)
  7. Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health, Oxford
  8. Centre for Evidence Based Nursing Aotearoa (Auckland)
  9. Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD)
  10. Cochrane Collaboration Center (U.K.) (U.S.) (Canada) (Australasia)
  11. Duke Center for Clinical Health Policy Research (EPC Program notice)
  12. Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) (EPC Program notice)
  13. Evidence-based Practice Center (McMaster University) (EPC Program notice)
  14. Johns Hopkins Evidence-Based Practice Center (EPC Program notice)
  15. The Monash Institute of Health Services Research Centre for Clinical Effectiveness(MIHSR)
  16. Oregon Evidence Based Practice Center (EPC Program notice)
  17. RTI-UNC Evidence-Based Practice Center (EPC Program notice)
  18. Stanford-UCSF Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) (EPC Program notice)
  19. The Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center (EPC Program notice)
  20. Tufts - New England Medical Center (EPC Program notice)
  21. University of Alberta Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC Program notice)
  22. University of Minnesota Evidence-Based Health Care project (EPC Program notice)
  23. University of Ottawa (EPC Program notice)


  1. 中山醫學大學附設醫院實證醫學中心
  2. 中國醫藥大學附設醫院實證醫學中心
  3. 台中榮總實證醫學中心
  4. 台北醫學大學附設醫院實證醫學中心
  5. 林口長庚實證醫學中心
  6. 苗栗醫院實證醫學中心
  7. 馬偕實証醫療管理中心
  8. 高醫附設醫院實證醫學中心
  9. 萬芳醫院實證醫學中心(實證醫學與知識學習系統)
  10. 新光醫院實證醫學中心
  11. 彰化基督教醫院證據醫學中心
  12. 嘉義長庚實證醫學中心


  1. 北京大學循證醫學中心(簡體)
  2. 循證醫學教育部網上合作研究中心(簡體)
  3. 循證醫學中醫中心(簡體)

External Links

  1. ACP Journal Club
  2. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
  3. Armenian medical associationEvidence-Based Library
  4. Bandolier
  5. BestBETs
  6. BMJ Publishing Group
  7. Clinical Evidence (BMJ)
  8. Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment (CCOHHTA)
  9. Cancer Care Ontario
  10. Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)
  11. DSM-Forsyth Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry (CEBD)
  12. Discern Online
  13. EBM book website, at the Mt Sinai Hospital/University Health Network Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
  14. Evidence-Based Dermatology(
  15. Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshop(EBCP) (McMaster University)
  16. Evidence-Based Decision Making
  17. Evidence Based Emergency Medicine(EBEM)
  18. Evidence-Based Pediatrics (Michigan University)
  19. Evidence-based Practice Program of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (EPC Program)
  20. Evidence-Based Practice Resource Area
  21. General Practice Notebookevidence-based medicine
  22. Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) (McMaster University)
  23. InfoPOEMs
  24. Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES)
  25. Introduction to Clinical Reasoning EBM (Medical University of South Carolina)
  26. The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI)
  27. JEFFLINE (Thomas Jefferson University)
  28. LHS Peoria Evidence Based Medicine
  29. National Guideline Clearinghouse
  30. National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  31. New Zealand Guidelines Group
  32. Online Best Evidence Service In Tackling obesitY+(OBESITY+)
  33. Singapore Medical Association(SMA)
  34. Therapeutic Initiative (University of British Columbia)
  35. WWWeb Epidemiology & EBM Sources for Veterinarians
  36. 行政院衛生署區域級以上醫院推動實證醫學計劃
  37. 實證電子報(萬芳醫院)

Health and Mental Health

  1. Evidence Based Child Health Unit,Department of Child Health (Liverpool University)
  2. Health Technology Assessment Programme (HTA)
  3. Informed Health Online
  4. National electronic Library for Health (NHS)


  1. Evidence Based Nursing (McMaster University)
  2. Research Resources for Evidence Based Nursing (McGill University Health Centre)

Other EMB Information


Printed Journal

  1. ACP Journal Club (1995-)