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MicroPET R4

MicroPET R4


MicroPET R4微型正子電腦斷層造影系統,具有徑向半高全寬(full width at half maximum, FWHM)1.8mm空間解析度。此系統包含4環,每環24組共96組偵測器,每組切8*8個LSO (Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate)晶體單元,每個LSO晶體單元為2mm*2mm*10mm,再結合光纖與位敏光電倍增管(position sensitive photomultiplier tube)組成直徑148mm之環型系統,實際開口直徑為120mm。

The microPET R4 has a radial FWHM (full width at half maximum) 1.8mm spatial resolution. This system consists of 4 rings, each ring 24 groups of 96 detectors, each cut into 8 * 8 LSO (Lutetium Oxyorthosilicate) crystal unit, each LSO crystal unit 2mm * 2mm * 10mm, and then combined with the fiber and position sensitive photomultiplier tube to form a ring system of the diameter of 148mm, the actual opening is 120mm in diameter.

micropet R4

1.最大照野範圍(field of view) 10cm*10cm*7.9cm可以得到63張切面。



1.A maximum FOV (field of view) 10cm * 10cm * 7.9cm can get 63 Slices.

2.the detection sensitivity of approximately 900cps/μCi.

3.Field of view center resolution of 1.8mm

micropet image

Mice 18F-FDG Image



Purchase date:2008-01-31