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2019年國際 SCI 論文

編號 篇名 作者 期刊 卷期
1 Generation of GLA-Knockout Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines to Model Autophagic Dysfunction and Exosome Secretion in Fabry Disease-Associated Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Song HY, Chien CS, Yarmishyn AA, Chou SJ, Yang YP, Wang ML, Wang CY, Leu HB, Yu WC, Chang YL, Chiou SH


2 P3HT:Bebq2-Based Photovoltaic Device Enhances Differentiation of hiPSC-Derived Retinal Ganglion Cells Hsu CC, Lin YY, Yang TC, Yarmishyn AA, Lin TW, Chang YL, Hwang DK, Wang CY, Liu YY, Lo WL, Peng CH, Chen SJ, Yang YP Int J Mol Sci 2019;20
3 Nanoparticle-delivery system enhanced the improvement and recovery in toxicity-induced acute hepatic failure Wang CY, Yang YP, Liu CY, Lu KH, Liu YY, Wu WW, Chen KH, Chang YL, Lee SD, Lin HC J Chin Med Assoc 2019;82:363-367
4 The subpopulation of CD44-positive cells promoted tumorigenicity and metastatic ability in lung adenocarcinoma Wang CY, Huang CS, Yang YP, Liu CY, Liu YY, Wu WW, Lu KH, Chen KH, Chang YL, Lee SD, Lin HC J Chin Med Assoc 2019;82:196-201
5 Elevation of serum oxidative stress in patients with retina vein occlusions Chen KH, Hsiang EL, Hsu MY, Chou YC, Lin TC, Chang YL, Tsai CY, Li TH, Woung LC, Chen SJ, Peng CH, Hwang DK Acta Ophthalmol


6 Long-acting muscarinic antagonist versus long-acting β2 agonist/corticosteroid for moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: Exacerbation risk assessment Yang SN, Ko HK, Hsiao YH, Su KC, Chang YL, Huang HY, Perng DW, Chung MI J Chin Med Assoc 2019;82:488-494
7 Modulation of osmotic stress-induced TRPV1 expression rescues human iPSC-derived retinal ganglion cells through PKA Hsu CC, Chien KH, Yarmishyn AA, Buddhakosai W, Wu WJ, Lin TC, Chiou SH, Chen JT, Peng CH, Hwang DK, Chen SJ, Chang YL Stem Cell Res Ther 2019;10:284
8 Plasma endoxifen and 4-hydroxytamoxifen levels in CYP2D6(C100T) carrying breast cancer patients and association with serum cholesterol. Chao TC, Pan WC, Tsai YF, Chou YC, Liu YR, Wang SF, Chen YJ, Souček P, Ueng YF Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 2019;380:114701
9 Nanomedicine-based Curcumin Approach Improved ROS Damage in Best Dystrophy-specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Lin TC, Lin YY, Hsu CC, Yang YP, Yang CH, Hwang DK, Wang CY, Liu YY, Lo WL, Chiou SH, Peng CH, Chen SJ, Chang YL Cell Transplant 2019;28:1345-57
10 Drug price, dosage and safety: Real-world evidence of oral hypoglycemic agents Lin YS, Lin MT, Cheng SH Health Policy 2019;123:1221-9