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4 Case sharing from our international visitors

Case 4

Miss Li was from Vietnam. 17 years ago, she was married to her husband and moving to Yilan city. In 2018, Miss Li started feeling nausea in the middle night. Her blood pressure went high and gave her lots of discomforts. Her husband and she went to a clinic on the next day. The report showed that her kidneys were not functioning properly at all. Therefore, the doctor suggested her to have more examinations in a bigger hospital. 

Family having confidence in Taipei veterans general hospital

Li family always had confidence in Taipei veterans general hospital, and had taken their therapies here. Therefore, when Miss Li felt sick, her husband immediately took her to Taipei veterans general hospital. Since then, Miss Li had regularly had treatments and blood and urine tests. However, after having one-year therapies, her kidney index was still growing. They discussed this situation with Dr. Shou-Ming, Ou. Dr. Ou suggested her to have kidney transplantation before doing dialysis, and referred her to Dr. Niang- Cheng, Lin of transplant surgery for further consultation and surgery.

Unconditional love –

  family wanting to donate their kidneys to her

Miss Li informed her situation to her father and sister in Vietnam. When they realized what happened, everyone was willing to donate kidneys to her.


Her father said that if the test indicated his kidneys were compatible, he wanted to be the first priority to make the donation. The analysis confirmed her father’s kidney was compatible. Therefore, we agreed Miss Li’s father became her donor.


In the early 2020, Miss Li’s father returned to Vietnam. Before he left, he told his daughter to take care of herself and visit him in Vietnam after fully recovering. Miss Li also wished her father happy and healthy. After she got better, she would visit him in Vietnam and make him feel loved and cared for.