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6.2 Location & transportation

Location and transportation

Airport to Taipei veterans general hospital

  • Taipei Songshan airport Taipei veterans general hospital

1.MRT Songshan airport station →MRT Shipai station → free hospital bus or walking to the hospital (approx. 40 min)

2.Taxi → Taipei veterans general hospital (approx. 30 min)


  • Taoyuan international airport Taipei veterans general hospital

   1.Taipei high speed rail → MRT Taipei main Taipei station (red line) → MRT Shipai station → taxi or bus or free hospital bus →Taipei veterans general hospital (approx. 90 min)

2.Taxi or express bus → MRT Mingquan west road station →MRT red line → MRT shipai station →taxi, bus or free hospital bus(approx. 90 min)




  • Is there car rental service in Taoyuan airport?

Terminal 1& 2 : Taoyuan airport car rentals

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  • What are the fare and business hour of in Taoyuan airport?

Airport taxis provide transportation services 24 hours a day, year round. Taxi fare is based on the meter and plus 15% on top, highway tolls not included

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  • What are the buses to Taipei down town?

What is the duration?

   The duration to Taipei down town is about 60-90 minutes.

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