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Payment/certification & medical record

Fee iconFee

Foreigners who do not have the national health insurance will be charged by international medical standard fee.


A. Clinic/Emergency

  • Registration: NTD $500.
  • Examination fee: NTD $1500.
  • Special service fee (you will have a coordinator helping at site): NTD $200 per visit.
  • Psychiatric consultation: NTD $2,500.
  • You may be charged by other medicine tests and treatments.


B. Stay in hospital

  • General service fee: NTD $5,000 per stay.
  • Inpatient examination and nursing fee: three times the price of the national health insurance standard charge.
    NHI covered services/treatments: 2.21 times the price of the national health insurance standard charge.
  • Self-paid services/treatments: 1.7 times the price of the self-pay standard charge from department of health, Taipei city government. .
  • Depending on the treatments, we will estimate the medical cost. You will need to pay the deposit before staying in the hospital. The patient will only pay for the service and treatments they use (the hospital will return the rest of the money).


Payment optionsIMSC

  • Exchanging new Taiwanese dollar.
  • Credit card (VISA card, Master card and china unionpay card).
  • Transfer.


Applying for medical records/certificate of diagnosis

A. Applying options

  • Online.
  • Counter service.
  • Applying online (taking about 2~7 business days) will save your time instead of waiting in the hospital. However, when pick up the copies, you need to bring your id to the counter and pay. 
  • You can directly apply at the medical counter without registration or seeing a doctor.
  • When applying for your copies, please tell us the term, the services/treatments and the duration of your record. If you do not know how to find the information, you may ask your doctors for help when visiting them.
  • You need to pick your copies within 1 month after informed. If you do not do so, you will need to reapply. 
  • For videos or images copies, please apply at the image counter 8 of radiation department on the 2nd floor in the Zhongzheng building.


B. Procedure

  • Please bring your ID and related documents, take a number at the counter and wait your turn.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • The staff will verify you application.
  • Pay and collect your copies.
  • For the requirements of applicant and enclosed documents.