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Case 6

Going Abroad for The Liver Transplant - by Division of Transplantation Surgery, TPEVGH

Going Abroad for The Liver Transplant - by Vonny's daughter


Vonny comes from Indonesia. Her young sister, Tilly, lives in United States.

Vonny had mentioned to Tilly when she had liver cirrhosis and also about the transplant. Tilly wanted to be the living liver donor. They did a lot of research and forward that Taipei Veterans General Hospital(TPEVGH) is very advance in liver transplant. They consider TPEVGH has been doing transplant for many patients, and very successful. So they choose Taipei Veterans General Hospital.


Video subtitles :

Hi, I’m Vonny Liando. I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Hi, I’m Tilly Liando I’m Vonny’s sister and I come from United States.


I have been diagnosed with cirrhosis for the past 10 years. My relative from Taiwan suggested me to seek treatment in Taipei Veterans General Hospital. 

She introduced me to Doctor Loong. 

I have been seeing Doctor Loong for the past 7 years. 

On Nov 2018, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, and I almost lost hope.

Doctor Loong had already suggested liver transplant a few years back, but I hesitated. 

Because I was scared. 

I have mentioned to my sister when I had liver cirrhosis and also about the transplant. 

I hesitated when my sister offered me her liver, so I looked for a donor. 

However, it was not easy and it is always better to have a sibling as a donor. 

So my husband and I decided to take my sister’s offer. 


My sister and I are very close. 

We share everything. 

We share a lot of stuff, like Tiffany’s elephant dolls. 

So when she was sick, she told me everything too. 

I was very sad. 

So I did a lot of research and reading, and figured out what is best for her, is for me to become her donor. 

Because we are siblings and we share a lot of similarities like blood type, so the successful rate is much higher. 

The only part that my sister and I were concerned about were my kids, because they were still very young, so she was afraid that if anything happened, my kids were too young to not have a mom or something like that. 

My sister and I live in different countries as you can tell.

She is from Indonesia and I am from America. 

In america, I don’t really have relatives who can help take care of my kids while I’m in recovery. 

That was the only concern that my sister, myself, and even my husband had. 

I talked to my husband. We discussed about the possibility of me donating my liver to my sister and he agreed that it is the best route for her, because, like I said, we share the same blood, since she is my sister. 

So, we worked everything out. 

We decided that my nieces will help take care of my kids while I’m in recovery and my husband will come to take care of us for a little while and everythting worked out well.


We chose Taipei Veterans General Hospital because of it’s accreditation and high rank. 

We did alot of research and found that VGH is very advance in liver transplant. 

VGH has been doing transplant for many patients, and were very succesful. 

The preparation, explanation, and process that was given by Doctor Loong and his team were very thorough. 

My sister and I were well informed on all the advantages, disadvantages, risk and all. 

We made a quick preparation such as emotional, family support,

and also financial since we are not locals here. 

We also thought about the recovery process. 

I was still scared even until the last minute in the surgery room. 

However, I am glad that I took Doctor Loong’s advice for the transplant. 


My mood before and after the transplant basically stayed the same. 

I did not have too much concern for my health or the outcome of my surgery, because I was well informed by Doctor Loong regarding the chance of survival and percentage risks and complications. 

So was my husband, and he was ok with everything. 


Because of that I have been given a second chance in life. 

I am thankful for my family, for their full support and love for me. 

Most of all, I am thankful for my sister for giving me a part of her liver. 

I thank God for a sister like you. 

I love you so much and I am forever grateful for what you have done for me. 

You have been a sister who not only share my ups and downs, 

but also risked your life and became my donor. 

I pray for God’s blessing to be upon you. 

May His protection, provision, grace, and love be with you and your family at all times. 

Thank you, to my dearest sister. 

I now live with a part of you in me. 

Thank you for your love for me. 

Thank you for my brother in law, Sum Nguyen and my wonderful nephew and niece,

Jaimie and Casey,

for your patience and amazing strength while your mom was hospitalized with me in Taiwan. 

I cannot thank you enough for all the sacrifices you have made when your mom was with me. 

Your unfailing support means the world to me. 

I love you so much and thank you very much for my sister. 

Love you all. 


Health is a blessing from God. 

That’s what I heard one day at the church. 

So we have to thank God everyday for the good health He gives us. 

I hope you maintain and keep up a good healthy lifestyle. 

Be happy, no worries and I love you.


Thank you. Thank you so much.