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IVIS50 Imaging


IVIS50影像系統提供了一個敏感的影像系統,利用螢光燈和冷光體內成像。 該系統具備一台高度敏感的CCD相機及避光成像室,進行自動化分析能力。

IVIS50 Imaging system provides a sensitive imaging system that is easy to use for both fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging in vivo. The system includes a highly sensitive CCD camera, light-tight imaging chamber and complete automation and analysis capabilities.

IVIS50 Imaging system

冷光造影 Luminescence imaging

冷光造影 Luminescence imaging

腫瘤轉移Tumor metastasis

Tumor metastasis

購置日期Purchase date2004-08-04